Thursday, July 8, 2010

We're Not From This Planet

Remember, the story last week about John and his trip to Canada?  Well, new developments arose and he had the opportunity to travel to Arkansas with some friends for a couple of weeks!  So, when he arrived from Canada, we had a wonderful reunion, while we washed his clothes and packed his bags ... and he left the following morning for Arkansas!

During this time John begin to feel home sick ...  We used SKYPE to talk to him.  He would call us on his little notebook computer (netbook) and we could see him, and he could see us.  The visits were great!  But it didn't help his missing us until, on Father's Day, since he had to be away from us on that day, we took the notebook computer with us and set it up in the kitchen while we were cooking! 

He got to watch us and visit with us ... and he even watched TV and played with his friend in Arkansas, all the while occasionally looking over to his PC and seeing us and hearing our conversations.  It made him feel 100% better! 

You know, "we" as Christians are NOT from this Earth.  Oh, we were born here, but our spirits were "re-born" when we received Jesus as our Lord!  When that happened, we became new creatures!  And, though we've never been there, we long for heaven!  It's a good thing to know that, like with John and using SKYPE to e-visit with us, we too can e-visit with Heaven!  We won't need SKYPE though ... just some time alone with the Father. 

If you will spend time in prayer, with God, and fellowship, it's like you've "been there" when you get through!  Try it some time and see that the "presence" of Heaven goes with you! 
As you finish reading this, please remember pastor Danny and his daughter "Abby" in your prayers!  This is important!  She has an assignment from the Father ... here in the Earth, and no demon or devil is going to interrupt that plan of God, with anything that would hinder or stop her!  We "believe" that she is totally and completely healed and whole ... in Jesus name!

Make me proud!
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NOTE:  It is important that you are actively learning and growing in the knowledge of the Lord. If you are not currently in a church where they are preaching the word of God, please consider coming by for a visit! 

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