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Following Your Dreams!

Following Your Dreams! by pastor Rich Allcorn

"Everyone has a dream, a goal in life, in which we work towards.  We strive to achieve this dream, this goal, and if we are lucky, we make it." 

That is the way the world sees success.  Luck, and a routine.  But does it really work that way?  Sometimes maybe, but not or most.  Most of us spend our lives punching a clock for somebody else ... working a "job".  We don't really strike it rich, but we "make ends meet".  In otherwords, popular to hear this or not, we "survive".  We "make a living"! 

Do these phrases sound familiar?  I hope so!  Most folks use these phrases heartily to include themselves in the rest of the crowd that is "working" ... to make a living.  "Back to the ole grindstone", they always say! 

Is this what God intended for man?  Certainly not! 
GOD created man ... for fun!  He was created to be a creature, not of habit, but one of change, of variety ... alive and growing, ever changing, and having 'fun' along the way!  You see "life" itself indicates "change".  The daily routines that we teach our kids that are "good for us" are not at all the way we are designed.  God has created man to be "ready to believe" in Him and His promises "daily".  That indicates that things are anything BUT routine! 

Do you need faith and trust in God to draw a weekly paycheck?  If your salary is regular, with vacations and health plans, and such, is that truly reality?  Ask any businessman who owns or operates his own business and he will quickly tell you, "No way!  It's a dream ..."  Oh you get your paycheck and your regular vacation time, but only because somebody else has taken up the slack and pulled it together for you ... so that there was enough money to "regularly" pay you your salary, and to "routinely" pay the expenses of having you come to work.  But I assure you, the money does not come in that way!  In no uncertain terms, the money comes in sporadic, in bunches, and groups, at random times, and with big deals closed, and sudden payments from clients.  It comes in at various rates, each and every day.  Some days, or even weeks, there is no income! 

Have I got your attention? 
Check out our series for the month of July where we consider the "working man" ... and we find whether the "Ward Cleaver" work routine works, or is it just a fantasy that we've been sold that keeps us in bondage. 

See ya' next week!!
Make me proud! 
- rich -

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