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CampfireTALK - (05/31/2010)

Last week I was listening to a preacher speaking about when God sent Moses to be "his mouthpiece" in freeing his people from the slavery of Egypt.  Then again, last night, it was on TV.  The Spirit of God kept speaking to me about this ... 

Here's just a portion of that message for you, with some insights ... I call the message ...
"You Just Gotta DO IT!" 

[Excerpt from the message:  JUST DO IT!] 

Did you ever consider some of what Moses had to go through when he answered the call of God on his life?  I mean, I can identify with some of it!  He was basically "called away" from Egypt to go through some serious ministry training and preparation for his future task!  He spent the next 20 years in the desert!  He had no idea that he would be "teaching" others to live in the desert!  He had no idea that he was going to be a "Survival Trainer" after all of this!  And he certainly didn't have any idea of the size of "classes" he was going to be teaching either!  MAN!!  A whole "nation", mind you!  That's a lot of folks to have in a class!  And these weren't the most cooperative students either! 

Here's just a look at the steps in Moses "Training Program"!


The very first thing that Moses had to do was to "leave home" and head off for .... well, God knows where!  His entire "comfort zone" was totally upset, and everything he'd grown to know as "home" was ... well, it all changed, and he had to leave!  His "nest" became uncomfortable.  God "stirred things" and the next thing he knew he was running away!  


Look at the training for Moses calling and how it started out!  He spent his first 20 years in training ... as a "sheep herder"!  And, in the desert no less!  He was basically going nowhere!  What was he thinking the whole time he was doing this?  Obviously not your or my idea of any "training" for a calling of God, is it!  He must have been thinking that he "missed God"  He must have felt like he was not getting anywhere ... like he was wasting his time.  He basically felt like a failure, at least in the area of what he thought he was called to do by God!

How many times have you felt that way?  Like God has no idea what you're up to, or how you got where you are now.  And, from your point of view, it certainly looks like He's forgotten the whole thing! It looks like you're going nowhere, in a hurry!  But are you?   

While Moses is out in the desert, tending to some of his flock, he has a "visitation" from God!  He encounters a "burning bush".  Now what is so unusual about this burning bush is that it doesn't burn.  There's no smoke!  And there was no lightening, and no ignition source around, to have caused this fire!  I mean this thing is seriously ablaze, and there's no burning up the bush!  It's just there, burning and burning ... and burning!  It is never consumed!  No smoke, no ash!  But it's on fire, there's no mistake about that! 

Can you imagine coming up on this one?  You grab the first bucket you can find, fill it, and you head for the fire!  You throw the bucket of water on the fire and "poof" ... nothing but water vapor!  It's like the water instantly turned into "clouds" and then vanished in the hot desert sun!  You go get another bucket, and throw it on the fire!  There it goes again!  "POOF!"  Instant cloud, and then it's all gone!  And the fire?  It doesn't even "hiss" when the water hits!  No smoke!  No nothing! 

If that's not bad enough that you cannot put out this fire, you now find out that the fire is possessed, or at least it seems to be!  It "talks"!  That's right, it "talks"!  Talk about hair standing up on the back of your neck!  That bush is talking!  Yes, goosebumps 'n all, there is ole Moses, and the bush is all talking to him, "MOOO-SSSSES"!  "MOOOO-SSSESSSSS"!

Don't you know he's thinking, "Man, I've been out here too long!  It's gotta be the heat!  I mean, bushes don't "talk"!  Bushes - do - not - speak!  Yet there it is!  There stands a bush, talking ... and this bush knows you by name! 

The bush talks again!  "Moooo-ses"!  "Moooooo-ses"!  (brrrrrrrr!)  Ok, now the hair's standing up on the back of your neck!  There is no amount of hairspray that's gonna get these neck hairs back down either!  And that voice?  This thing's got Charlton Heston beat!  IT'S SO DEEEEEP!  It's loud!  And when it speaks, the voice goes down to the core of your bones!!  Talk about a "WAKE UP" call!  Man! 
Your knees are going weak!! 

And after all of these theatrics, what is the message?  Bottom line?  "Moses, you're gonna have to go back home and have some serious words with your step-brother!  God wants you to tell him that you are here to shut down his construction operation, and take all of his workers, their families, and their goods, and leave!  "AND" (if that's not enough!)  you're also going to tell him that the whole town is going to have to take up a collection and give these folks all of their gold and silver, enough to re-imburse them for their labors these past 400 years! 

And you thought your calling in life was hard?  Don't ever think that what God has assigned YOU to do is so hard!  Compare it to Moses!  I'm sure you're getting a break!

Just when you were thinking that this was about to get hard, God comes up with this neat idea to get the Pharoah's attention!  He tells Moses to set his staff down on the ground.  When throws the staff down to the ground, it turns into a snake!  Now I've got no problem with this neat little trick until it comes to the part where God says basically, "Ok Moses, now reach out and grab the snake by the tail and pick it up!" Did I hear Him right?  Did He just say, "Grab the snake, Moses!" ?

Whoa!  That's ... you ... what?  You want me to do what?  Hey!  I'm an old cowboy here!  I don't like snakes!  Where I come from, the only good snake is a dead snakeI  And folks, let me tell you something!  I "know" what happens when you grab a snake by the tail and pick it up!  The "business end" moves around to survey what's just happened to the back end, with the full intent of taking a bite out of the hand that's holding it up in the air! 

I'm really glad I was not Moses, because that, my friends, really took a lot of guts to do!  You've gotta know for sure that you're hearing from God when He tells you, "Now, grab that snake by the tail and pick it up!" 

I can hear my youngest son, John, with that one! 
"Now God, did you just say pick it up?  Seriously?" 

[end of exerpt]

So, when God calls you to do something ...
You can expect some "shaking" ... you can expect that your world around you is about to change!  Your "comfort zone" is going to be removed!  You're probably going to be taken "out" of your element, and placed into a training scenario that may not make any sense to you at all! 

Moses had no idea that the time he spent in the desert was "training" ... for him, so that "HE" could help a nation ... to survive in the desert, while they were waiting on the "timing" of God! 

Be willing to do some strange things when you begin to serve God in your calling.  What he tells you is not always going to make sense.  And, like the "snake" incident, God may have you do something that goes against your past experiences, or what you believe to be the way to do things!  Just be willing to "grab the snake"!  Be willing to "do" what he tells you to do, no matter what your fears!  Just "DO IT"!  Do it!  And watch God's plan unfold before your eyes ... 
Make me proud!
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CampfireTALK - (05/24/2010)

In James chapter 5, verse 16, the second part of that scripture says this: 

"The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much." 

This scripture recently just "jumped" out at me in the spirit, as God began to unfold some new understandings, a different way of looking at it, to me.

The phrase "fervent" simply refers to a prayer that is "earnest" and one that is "heartfelt" ... a "continued" prayer that is persistent, unyielding.  And we have always focused on "that" ... that a man who wants to "availeth much", or in other words "accomplish much" ...  I like what the Amplified Bible says about that!  It interprets the phrase "availeth much" as "makes tremendous power available, dynamic in it's working"!  Man, talk about "pump you up", THAT right there tells me that persistent fervent prayer "makes things happen"!

But again, we're only seeing "half" of what the Spirit was showing me about this scripture.  In almost every translation the word "righteous" is the same!  The Message translation, however, refers to it as "a man living right with God".  What the Spirit of God said to me was this, and I'll paraphrase it ...

"a man who is righteous, is a man who is in "right standing" with God ... a man who is in fellowship with the Father, and knows the Father's heart, and knows where he stands with the Father ... "

What the scripture is saying then, is this:  "If we are spending time in fellowship with the Father ... if we seek His face and know Him well ... because of that intimacy with God, "then" when we pray fervently and persistently, we do make tremendous power available, which is dynamic in it's working, on behalf of that prayer and that need!

What does "dynamic in it's working" mean?  You're gonna have to get my message that covers the "dynamo".  In a nutshell, it works the same as what we call a dynamo.  The "dynamo" is a generator that, when power is applied to run the generator, the generator begins to create the power to run itself, which creates more power, which then naturally means that more power is available to make power, when then produces even more power  ... and so on, and so on. 

It's like a exponential explosion of power!  One level provides power to sustain that power and more besides.  When that more power comes, then there is even more power available to self-sustain it, and more with it!  In a nutshell it's like a "cascade power runaway"!   This things get's started generating power, which makes more power available to generate even more power, so that more power is available to generate even more power to that more power, and so on!  "MAN", can you imagine that! 

Now go back to that scripture!  And I will re-word it, to make the point: 

When a man who has been in the presence of and in regular fellowship with, the Father God, enters into consistent, persistent, fervent prayer on a matter ... there is tremendous power that is released on behalf of that prayer ... power that is self regenerating, a power that cascades in on itself to multiply and magnify it's potential so that more and more and more power in this prayer is available ... until the answer comes.

Remember last week, when I discovered the POWER, and the boldness and confidence that also came with that power?  And it was all because I was not just running around seeking His presence, I was seeking "HIS FACE".  I was "in His face" in worship!  I was talking with, and visiting with the Father Himself, each morning!  I was WITH HIM! 

Smith Wigglesworth says, as we discussed last week, that this is "the key"!  Walking in a daily walk and fellowship with God!  He says that from this comes the confidence you need! 

Did you know that Moses, once he had gone before the Father, and got understanding of God's plan, that he no longer needed Aaron to speak to the Pharoah!  He went before his face, in boldness!  He "knew" what the plan of God was!  He "knew" what God's will was!  He was just walking it out

You too can have that same confidence, and achieve those same results in prayer ... but it has to come by one thing ...
You have to spend time with the Father!

We'll be teaching on this soon!  Look us up! 
Make me proud!
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CampfireTALK - (05/18/2010)

I've been reading a book given to me some time ago ...
Actually it's a re-read.  This is one book you don't just read it, you "study" it!  The book is "Smith Wigglesworth - The Complete Collection of His Life Teachings".  It is written by his granddaughter, Alice Berry Nee' Wigglesworth.  I recommend it for your study library - it's a "keeper"! 

In the first chapter, Smith talks of the relationship with God.  He says, "It is necessary that we find our bearings in this Word.  [Word of God]  There is nothing that will bring to you such confidence as a life that is well-pleasing to Him."  He goes on to say, "The moment you pray you find that the heavens are opened.  If you have to wait for the heavens to be opened something is wrong.

In studying further I begin to understand what he is saying.  He compares the walk to Jesus, our example.  Jesus when He prayed, expected immediate results.  He was in fellowship with God.  He "knew" where He stood with God!  He got what He asked for too!  But how?  According to Smith Wigglesworth, it was because of His constant and regular time spent one-on-One with The Father, in close personal fellowship. 

I have experienced this and can attest to it.  A couple of years ago, I had begun to spend time with the Father in the early morning hours.  I would rise early, a serape (Mexican blanket) in hand, and would head out to the back porch or some place secluded, and just visit with the Father.  Sometimes I'd pray.  Sometimes I'd sing to Him.  Almost always, when I did pray it would be in the spirit.  I wanted to be praying "perfectly" in line with the Word of God, so I kept my mind out of it all, and prayed in tongues.  And "HE" would talk with me!

I remember after one morning like this, I was presented with a young boy who needed prayer.  He was full of despair.  He felt that nobody loved him!  When I began to pray over him, his face changed.  He got this evil grin, his voice dropped to a deeper tone, and he said, "You can't cast me out."  And it was at that moment that I experienced this "knowing" that Smith is talking about!  A "POWERFUL" sense of knowing ... "KNOWING" (I can't shout it loud enough to get the point across to you - I "KNEW" the end results!!!) but this just came over me, this "KNOWING", and I placed my hand on this boys chest to pray! 

If you've seen the movie IRON MAN, you know what the next moment felt like!  Iron Man, in these movies, has a way of producing an energy pulse from the palm of his hands.  Well, when I put my hand on this boys chest, a (I still can't do this loud enough for you to get it) "BOLDNESS" came upon me!!  I placed my hand on his chest, and with authority, but not that loud really, I firmly - knowing the end result already - said to the spirit, "In the name of JESUS ... come ... OUT!!"  and the boy went limp! 

At first my natural mind thought, "Now you've done it!  You've killed him!" but that is just not possible.  I don't have that kind of power ... it was GOD's power that I was using to heal and deliver this boy, and GOD is not a killer! 

Suddenly, the boy sat up!  He smiled the warmest smile he could possibly smile!.  Then, he hugged my neck!  I'll never forget that!  There was just such a "peace" about him!  We've been close ever since! 

But that authority, that "knowing", that "POWER" ... came over me, from time with God.  Mind you, I was not running around seeking His presence, I was seeking "HIM".  To seek His presence means that you want to be in the "immediate vicinity" of where He is.  But I was talking with, and visiting with the Father Himself, each morning!  I wasn't just seeking to be near Him, I was WITH HIM!  And as Smith Wigglesworth says in his book, "that" is the key!  Walking in a daily walk and fellowship with God!  He says that from this comes the confidence you need.  It's the same kind of confidence that Moses had when he no longer needed Aaron to talk to the Pharoah, but addressed him himself, face-to-face!  Or Elijah, when the King sent his troops to retrieve him, and he defied them all!  Or the same kind of confidence that Peter had when, in front of all of those religious folks in the temple he had the audacity to tell a "lame man" to "GET UP!", pick up his bed and walk! 

We'll be teaching on this soon!  Look us up! 
Make me proud!
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CampfireTALK - (05/11/2010)

This past week was a week of prayer, with the National Day of Prayer in the United States, and we all gathered together and prayed for our country ... didn't we?  Did you?  

The Father promised that if we would turn from our wicked ways and seek His face, that He would hear from heaven and "heal" our land!  What better opportunity than during the nation's NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER ! 

It is so important that we "WAKE UP" and get involved in regular, active prayer for this country!  God cannot do anything unless we do!  That's right, I said, "CANNOT".  God has given the authority in the Earth to man.  Man messed it all up!  Jesus came and fixed that, took the authority back from Satan so that it once again rests in the hands of man ... but this time in just "One Man" ... Jesus!  And, Jesus said to the rest of us (mankind), "Go ..."  He delegated the authority to us to GET BUSY and make it happen! 

That's right, HE - is - waiting ... on "us"!  The Father, upon Jesus return from His assignment (to die on the cross/rise up), told Him, "Sit at My right hand until Your enemies are made your foot stool."  That means that not only Jesus, but God Himself ... all of Heaven, in fact, is waiting ... waiting on us! 

So, what was your answer to the question above?  Did you pray last week?  Did you?  If not, you should bow your head in shame.  Stew in the shame of it all for a minute. 

Then, go to the Father (in faith) and ask Him to forgive you, and to help you to get involved in what God is doing!  It's not going to happen ... it is not going to change until "you" decide to get involved, and "pray".

The Father, and Jesus, "sat - down" (in heaven) and from then right up to today, they are applying their "faith", and are patiently waiting, and believing ... in us!

Something to think about, huh!
Make me proud!
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CampfireTALK - (05/01/2010)

Ever wonder what is happening to our country?  We've got a president that hasn't got a clue about our history or just how integrated God is in this country.  We've got folks going around passing laws, and uprooting laws, left and right, that totally and completely would cause our forefathers to roll over in their graves! 

The reason it is all happening folks ... it's hard to say this, but it's "our fault"! We, the body of Christ, have been given dominion over this region of country. We are to pray, to intercede, and to "stand up" for this country and what it stands for. But what have we done? Think about it ... really!  

We are sitting on our hands, and watching what is taking place before our eyes! AND, if we'd just be truthfully honest, we are all just "hoping" that it'll all go away. It's all like a bad dream! "I'll just close my eyes and wish upon a star, and it'll all be better in the morning." But it's not, is it!

Proverbs 18:9 says, "He who is 'slack' in the day of distress, is a friend of the destroyer!"(NASB) Another translation (KJV) calls that man, "slothful"! That means, when we sit back and do nothing, we are part of the problem! We are in ca-hoots with the enemy! We're actually ... "helping" the enemy!!

The Bible also says, "Let the redeemed of the Lord say so!" Well? Well? When was the last time you "said so"? The Body of Christ has begun to emulate the world instead of Jesus. We are all worried that we might offend someone. We're taking on their humanistic ways, their concerns, and lifestyles that are blatantly, specifically mentioned in the Bible we are now just ... overlooking. We're passing laws that protect those lifestyles, even though the Bible says (in one translation) about it, "God hates that!"

Take a look at Jesus ministry! He was offending folks all the time! He even called one woman a "dog"! Why? Because He thought it was more important to save someone from going to hell, than to worry about their feelings or their pet 'deal' and trying to walk on egg shells around them. He wanted to "shake them" out of their trance, and get them to think and understand that they are headed for destruction!

Jesus loved them ... He loved them very much. Sometimes ... sometimes, though, love has to be tough! Like right now! I am most likely standing real hard on some of your toes! But bless God folks, they must need standing on, or the Spirit of God wouldn't be directing me to this! Jesus is not, I repeat "NOT" coming back for us until ... (and that's conditional) UN-TIL ... "we" make His enemies His footstool!

What did Father Daddy say to Jesus when He returned from His assignment here on Earth? What was the first thing that God said to Him? "Sit here, at My right hand, until your enemies are made your footstool." Well, if They are Both "sitting", then WHO pray tell me is going to make these enemies of theirs the footstool? You guessed it! We are!

FAITH - sits - down!  In a nutshell, you could title that scene in Heaven as just that: "Faith Sits Down". Because THAT is exactly what God did! He, and Jesus, "sat - down" and from then right up to today, they are applying their "faith", and are patiently waiting, and believing ... in us!

Something to think about, huh!
Make me proud!
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