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CampfireTALK - (05/01/2010)

Ever wonder what is happening to our country?  We've got a president that hasn't got a clue about our history or just how integrated God is in this country.  We've got folks going around passing laws, and uprooting laws, left and right, that totally and completely would cause our forefathers to roll over in their graves! 

The reason it is all happening folks ... it's hard to say this, but it's "our fault"! We, the body of Christ, have been given dominion over this region of country. We are to pray, to intercede, and to "stand up" for this country and what it stands for. But what have we done? Think about it ... really!  

We are sitting on our hands, and watching what is taking place before our eyes! AND, if we'd just be truthfully honest, we are all just "hoping" that it'll all go away. It's all like a bad dream! "I'll just close my eyes and wish upon a star, and it'll all be better in the morning." But it's not, is it!

Proverbs 18:9 says, "He who is 'slack' in the day of distress, is a friend of the destroyer!"(NASB) Another translation (KJV) calls that man, "slothful"! That means, when we sit back and do nothing, we are part of the problem! We are in ca-hoots with the enemy! We're actually ... "helping" the enemy!!

The Bible also says, "Let the redeemed of the Lord say so!" Well? Well? When was the last time you "said so"? The Body of Christ has begun to emulate the world instead of Jesus. We are all worried that we might offend someone. We're taking on their humanistic ways, their concerns, and lifestyles that are blatantly, specifically mentioned in the Bible we are now just ... overlooking. We're passing laws that protect those lifestyles, even though the Bible says (in one translation) about it, "God hates that!"

Take a look at Jesus ministry! He was offending folks all the time! He even called one woman a "dog"! Why? Because He thought it was more important to save someone from going to hell, than to worry about their feelings or their pet 'deal' and trying to walk on egg shells around them. He wanted to "shake them" out of their trance, and get them to think and understand that they are headed for destruction!

Jesus loved them ... He loved them very much. Sometimes ... sometimes, though, love has to be tough! Like right now! I am most likely standing real hard on some of your toes! But bless God folks, they must need standing on, or the Spirit of God wouldn't be directing me to this! Jesus is not, I repeat "NOT" coming back for us until ... (and that's conditional) UN-TIL ... "we" make His enemies His footstool!

What did Father Daddy say to Jesus when He returned from His assignment here on Earth? What was the first thing that God said to Him? "Sit here, at My right hand, until your enemies are made your footstool." Well, if They are Both "sitting", then WHO pray tell me is going to make these enemies of theirs the footstool? You guessed it! We are!

FAITH - sits - down!  In a nutshell, you could title that scene in Heaven as just that: "Faith Sits Down". Because THAT is exactly what God did! He, and Jesus, "sat - down" and from then right up to today, they are applying their "faith", and are patiently waiting, and believing ... in us!

Something to think about, huh!
Make me proud!
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