Monday, July 26, 2010

It Starts With a Decision!

Any action that you are about to take, whether it be by word or deed, is going to first require that you make a decision to take that action!  In working with faith you need to keep in mind that the only decision that will work with faith is what Kenneth Copeland calls "a firm and quality decision".  I like to call this decision a "decision already made"! 

Let me explain this further:  
When you make a "firm & quality decision", you are deciding that once-and-for-all, you are going in a particular direction.  It does not matter what your experience has been, or what you may know (in the natural) through knowledge or maybe through here say, you "have decided" that you will proceed in a particular direction.  As a result, you are making what is called a "firm & quality decision" ... one that will put into motion, an "action", that will surely bring about results!   

You must "decide" on a course of direction. 
With a "firm & quality decision", you have to give careful though and consideration to what you are about to set in motion.  This decision is not carelessly made or concocted in a momentary notion!  No, it is one of "quality", with "firm resolve" behind it!  Once made, you are "committed" to this direction!  Once you decide and speak the decision out loud (in a form of declaration), the matter is set into motion!  There is no turning back!  There is no second guessing, no "well yeah, but what if"!  IT - IS - DONE ... period! 

That is why I like to call this a "decision already made"!  You see, once you've made this decision, you have literally placed a bit in your mouth, and have purposed your course!  And, like the horse that will try to turn aside from the road to graze on some fresh green grass that just happened along the way, the "bit" will pull your head, and your focus, back on-track, and on the course you have "already decided" to take. 

"Now faith" is the evidence of things hoped for, the assurance of things that are not yet seen! (Hebrews 11:1)  If you understand anything about faith, you know that we're dealing with "seeds" here ... and that everything works on the same principle of a seedtime & harvest.  When a farmer plants his seed, he continues about his business, knowing full well that the seed will produce what it was created to produce! 

If, however, that farmer were to dig that seed up, this whole entire process would "STOP"!  The seed would die!  Why?  Because when you dig up the seed, while it is in the process of performing it's task, you interrupt the cycle!  The elements that are at work to make the seed successful are interrupted! 

The farmer who understands the "seed principle" has already made his "firm & quality decision" before he ever planted his seed.  When temptation comes his way, or doubt and fear, he he remembers that his decision is "already made"! 


Why?  Because he has faith that the seed will do what it is supposed to do ... it - will - produce a harvest!

So, when applying your "now faith" you have to understand what it means to make a "quality decision", of which there is no turning back!  In order for the "seed" of your "now faith" to work, you have to let it alone!  You have to let it do it's job!  And that job is to produce you a harvest!   

Remember, "now faith" is the tangible "evidence" of what you've prayed for!  And when you tend to lean towards doubt, or fear of failure begins to come your way, your "now faith" is your "assurance" that your "now faith" is still at work!  It is still there in the ground (you can't "see" anything happening) and it is producing your harvest!

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